About Me

My name is Josef Holy, I live in Prague, Czech republic.

I have always been interested in the interface between people and digital technologies.

I have seen the emergence and adoption of modern User-Centred Design and Product Management, which brought the human dimension into what used to originally be a pure software engineering.

In the last several years, I have been studying the problems of ethical Artificial Intelligence, algorithmic decision making and governance in general. I’ve spoken about it at TEDx Prague 2017 and dozens of other occasions.

I believe, that Artificial Intelligence should turn from the Computer Science major into a Humanities one.

About the Algocracy Newsletter

In this newsletter, I want to take an opinionated perspective on the ongoing developments in the world of alogrithmic decision making and governance. 

I want to approach these phenomena from the perspective of hundreds years old values of humanism and liberal democracy, which I believe is the best system allowing continuous innovation and growth of wealth and human knowledge.

I believe that our goal must be Liberal Algocracy, which will allow to harvest the fruits of efficiency provided by digitization of our lives, while empowering us in our pursuits for realization of our potential.

The BIG Unknown is, how such system should work and function, as the paradigm shift which is happening is huge, the future is hard to foresee and old models of thinking may not always apply.

The only viable path forward is an active exploration.

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